Month: October 2012

Why Does KFC Tastes So Good!

Fake semi-real story filled with toilet humor and fun.

Once upon a time there was an outlet of KFC at MG Road Trivandrum who served a very unique kinda dish to a customer. Even though the KFC doesn’t allows to introduce a new dish to their official outlets of their own. But that KFC restaurant was something different. They introduce something that is very innovative and different from other non-veg dishes. They cooked the fried chicken with live… wait for it.. the live worms!! Yes those tiny creepy creatures left to being served live in the dish.
It’s all happened on ahmm.. not Tuesday because Hindus don’t eat non-veg on that day. It was all happened evening when Mr. Shushi ordered this culinary for his wife and baby. He was not aware of this until her wife opened the cover to give chicken piece to her 18 month old baby but that was tragic part is because that kid was vegan and refused her mom to eat. She drooled at the chicken like she never seen any chicken piece in her life he asked her husband about this as he ordered a regular fried chicken. The live worms were creeping inside the fried chicken. They both get surprised by the fact what is this? what the hell is going on? How can these tiny creepy but cute creatures are still alive even the get fired at 450 degree fahrenheit  He has to her wife about it and she replied that she by chewing the juicy piece of chicken and moaning around in the restaurant like she was having orgasm in her mouth. After few minutes of enjoying she get choked and she asked her husband to help her.

He thought she ate some bone part but Jesus christ he was wrong. She vomit off all what she ate to his face, much worse than her son do when she cook some baby food and give it him to eat. Holy molly mother of satan she shat her pant so badly in just five minutes. How can it be physiologically possible that?! but yes she done that. It was much worse than you can imagine as those were not some typical worms, they were like came from hell couriered by satan himself. By watching all this their baby started to giggle and clapping and singing “friday friday” by Rebecca Black but that day was not friday but the brown friday for his family. According to her that was the most embarrassing moment of her life. After all happening Mr. Shushi sat there and started to think what all just happened. He put his fingers on his head and start pressing to find some clue.

After ten to fifteen minutes he concluded that it was all happened because of those live worms and it’s unethical for humans to eat live organism in dinner like Timon and Pumbaa. It was not the problem that food is being served with worms as they were eating non-veg. The problem was that the food is being served live. He immediately moved to service counter like a ninja to tell about what all happened. The service girl smiled and replied that fried chicken was special dish from our kitchen for a trail and it is being served to random customers. The special about it is that it has been marinated for longer time that it actually use to. He asked for how much you guys marinated this? She smiled more tightly, cocks her head and replied that it took five complete months to marinate this, sir. Though she was ready to replace this new dish to regular one.

Mr. Shushi gets frightened and call the executive manager of the outlet. She replied you can meet him right now as he is busy. Listening this Mr. Shushi said get him now or I will call police at your restaurant. She got frightened too and tell him the way. Mr. Shushi knocked the door and he get no response. He started banging the door hardly then some heavy voice comes out who the fuck banging the door. Mr. Shushi gets some kinda adrenaline rush. Open your god damn door you son of bitch. After a few seconds of waiting he didn’t get the second respond so Mr. Shushi kicked out the door with all his power. The ply wood of the door got blast in tiny sick pieces. After opening of the door. The curtain of suspicion get dropped. It was more worse that Mr. Shushi imagined. His jaws dropped like he blown the golden treasure. But the reality is he found a collection of shits in the office or say a secret small secret lab cum kitchen where experiments on new flavors by giving marination to chicken is going on.

The manger jump over Mr. Shushi and start beating him like a wild animal. Mr. Shushi called for help by all other customers eating in the restaurant.