Month: February 2013

Ehh! Bhaisaab Thoda Toh Kam Karo Na!


Hello! follow readers. As we are all familiar with the thing called bargaining. Yes, the moul bhav. It can be said that it comes in our part of culture since population explosion after independence day. We can see easily see in Indian market how typical middle age women quarreling about the pricing of the products specially in groceries and clothing stores. Believe me most of them know this art of bargaining and how to play with the psychology of keeper to sell the desired product as minimum bucks. Since two decades the period of shopping malls, showrooms and branded shoppes have raised a lot and from a lustrum these online shopping sites like flipkart, myntra, jabong etc. where these people can not bargain or adjust the billing. But the real working class India shops majority of items form them.

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Here like if I talk about my aunt who belongs to business family, has everything good financially. But she is mother of stinginess, hence rich who can spend and invest big money. She is an urban hardcore bargainer who can bargain that much that the shopkeeper have no choice but to sale it for zero profit or even loss in the case untrained keepers. Whenever she enters to some old shop people get afraid of her. I think they even hide the related products to get sold by her. Some sabhiwalas even refuse to sell their veggies. Unlike normal people who purchase upto 2-3 shirts or pants at a single time after few months. She buys them once a year in stocks like 8-10 shirts and pants for whole family in a single time. So that  she can get more and more discount in a bigger bill.

Here are the few slangs that Indian people use to say while bargaining:

“Arre bhai, itna zayada rate mat lagao.”

“Itna mehnga, tourist dikhte hai hum kya?”

“200 rupey ka! mai sirf 50 dongi bechna hai toh becho” ( move on and he will sell it in your desired price)

“Itni sabzi li hai, zara mirchi, dhania, adrak toh ese hi de dona.”

“Achha total 330 ka hai, yeh lo 300 rupey, sahi hai itna toh chalta haina.”

“kya? 400 rupey ka, waha toh 200 mai same milta hai, sahi lagao warna waha se lelenge.”