Month: April 2013

Technosexual’s Sony Xperia Z: Review


It’s almost a month Sony introduced the new Xperia Z smartphone under the tag best of sony. Let see what actually it is.

Design: of the new Sony Xperia Z  is the main thing that catches the eyes. The sleek and slim build quality is great made with good quality polyimide and glass. The wow factor of the phone is total water and dustproof body as we all familiar with its advertisement. But does it make sense in daily use. Unless you live near sea shore any waterbody but can he afford this. It’s perfect phone for a poolboy. I guess not but it’s a good safety measure just like airbags in a modern car. For me It gives mixed opinion as design has no innovation. Just a simple piece a 5″ piece of slab in your hand with sharp edges and awkward placement of toggle on/off button makes it uncomfortable to use. Basically poor ergonomically designed phone. Also the glass back is fingerprint magnet. So I suggest anyone who wants to buy to avoid the black and get the purple or white model.

Display:  of the sony is really great in the first sight. It’s really sharp from the front thanks to it’s super pixel density of 440 PPI (pixels per inch)and natural colours output. The Bravia engine 2 plays important role while watching images and videos. It only gets autoturn in that situation. It really boosts some colour vibrancy and brightness. After getting to know all such this and I compared with other phones. It’s not the great overall. The screen just lacks vibrancy, it appears kinda dull.  Unfortunately Sony used the low quality IPS TFT display on the phone and tried to emphasise it with gimmicky Sony’s opti-contrast technology results still the worst contrast and viewing angles in comparison to other high end phones out there.

Camera: Oh! my lord. I expected so much from Sony as they used the new Exmor RS sensor. It  is very much disappointing.  First impression is so pathetic for anyone. It takes about 4-5 seconds to open the default camera app. The pictures are just can be said to be quite average when it comes to sharpness and details in automode. When we take images in daylight most of the cameras show their best in this situation but nothing special in the final images of this phone. The colour accuracy and resolution was good. Also the low light images are nothing if you compare with iPhone 5, Galaxy SIII and Lumia 920 like phones. Not something special in camera department. Sorry Sony!. In terms of video recording I am impressed quite by this. The audio recording was superb, the video stability is great and again colours appeared more natural and here focusing was excellent than other smartphones.


Reception and call quality:  is great for an expensive phone like this and it performed very well as I expected. It supports all exclusive radios available like 4G LTE and high speed HSPA. Who cares? Normal smartphone user in India don’t even get a Mbps speed in 3G. There is no call or wi-fi dropping issue.

Sound and Music: of the phone is great but only in ears because the audio speaker that is on the bottom edge of of the phone is seriously polite. It’s hardly audible in the normal room condition. For a brand like sony that also makes high quaity audio products. I would expect a flagship phone should have great lound and clear speakers. But here again the disappointment. For the in-ear experience one should get a pair of pro audio earphones. The default sony walkman app is very friendly to use and produces very soothing and pleasurable sound in any type of music thanks to its equalizer, but again there is no wow factor.

Hardware Performance: wise it is performed really brilliant. Till date it is the officially India’s the highest performing smartphone. This time sony didn’t used some sorta older chipsets and processor like they done in predecessor Xperia S. The phone comes with  quad core snapdragon S4 Pro processor that performs incredibly well. It’s the same quad core processor that comes in Google Nexus 4. In benchmarks it is on top notch. Memory of 2GB is also pretty well, muti-tasking is pleasure. But sometimes it gets some glitch lag in heavy media.

Software Performance: of this phone is pretty well. The phone is 4.1.2 Android Jelly bean out of the box but not the latest version that is 4.2.2 found in Nexus  4. Unlike previous phones of sony this phone is less burden with new Sony Xperia skin. Graphic User Interface (GUI) is now less complex much simpler yet rich in features and but not totally as good as stock vanilla android in terms of performance. Themes are quite boring and dull with greyish background. Again there is no innovation or wow factor about it in software department.

Battery life: is great for a device like this. As we all know Androids are notorious for it’s battery life. But Sony worked their hands off to get most redox juice. By default it is average but awesome things come when in Sony stamina mode. Practically it boosts the battery life by switching off all unnecessary connections like wifi and 3G when phone when is not in use. There are some third party apps like that which do similar function so it’s a little wow factor.

Overall: I give this phone 7.5/10. It’s a nice high end smartphone when it comes to general day to day performance but not the perfect phone for a big price tag of MRP 38,990. Upcoming flagship phones from HTC and Samsung are coming in India that are better than Xperia Z. I suggest you to wait for it if you can or get this phone. You will not disappoint for sure. Good bye and spread happiness.  Thanks for reading. 🙂