I run, I walk but I’ll never stop

When I was young, I feel broken when I lost my new books, my pencil box
Then I realise from my real eyes there is something that always rocks
I walk every second, ever minute I live since I know myself, they shocks
I run here and there I feel to get lost, all I want to be stolen..
Stolen by someone who can run like my way
Call me crazy but I always want to be crippled for fun, fun, fun
‘Cause I ain’t like all others, I am made just to run, run, run.

Whenever I see her either I stop running or walk here and there
Where is my inner peace somebody find my fuckin’ legacy
No one can stops me as I always wanted to get lost
And this is how I be myself, all others call me crazy
I want to just lost, lost in those strawberry fields where I saw her first.

Brainy is my boss and so called brother who act like he understands me
Like a beautiful peachy dusk who knows nothing else in the world
He gives me salary on time and this is how I live, I just run
I just run above all that I forgot my how do I look since I born.

All my colleagues told me to get rest and stay at my cabin
They think everything would be fine as it is my fuckin’ job
But I wish to be myself and do whatever to get me lost
Then suddenly I lost my father who always woke me up
I run harder and harder. I learnt, I grew and move on to a pink world.

She tells me I am, I am like beautiful like a new dime
So I move there I went to the thin slot where I see somebody that mime
I never ever imagined that I can ever hear such delightful beats
A beat that exactly sound like me, now here I get my rejoice
May be she is all mine, I am all hers, or may be both.

But brother thinks I am going to straight prison for leaving my job
All except she enthrall me, that I will never be that free snob
Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana
Not ever chaste, except she vanishes me out to crop
Now I want to weep but I no longer have any tears to drop.

Will I beat and sound same like I use use to with that rhythm?
I want to break free and sync like that but I can’t feel I am doing wrong
Other broke my spirit that I use to be but I know myself like no one.
I am so hollow, so hollow but walking for new way
I run, I walk but I’ll never stop.



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