Month: April 2017

The Exposure & Experience

Exposure and experience is all, what it counts in the life of a person.
It’s not just your skills, knowledge and intelligence that makes a successful person in career. It’s actually just 10%. Many of them realise in their student or college life, some of them get to know at their intern phase.

It is very important one should apply what they have gained from their books to the reality, many people are just have born skill, some develop by hard working and determination. It’s all about practicality and how you manage that matters.

Without the exposure of career no one will ever know what field he or she should spend their life own. It constitutes 20% in life. Like in our India specially in small towns, students are very less exposed to the world they see, they choose career what their family opt for.
Whereas in metros people are very open to choose their career as they have good exposure and counselling facilities. There are various career opportunities for a students who are not aware of might be waiting for. It can be specific to their inside field as well.
And it’s not stereotypical, I am just telling in general.

There are various techniques and procedures, the style of doing a job that evolve time to time as per the circumstances and the demand. Make it much more productive and fruitful for both the parties. It usually take much more time to get or adopt such trends where people are not exposed or not willing to adopt because of norms.

If we talk about experience, that is rest 70% of being an awesome. It all takes time and continuity to get, there is nothing else that can you mature other than time and it is directly proportional to the exposure one gain in the life. Here age remains just the man made number.
Experience is the best teacher, one should learning lesson from it. For this one should keep their ego aside in the chest and throw away in the deep ocean. Never be afraid of failure, always be afraid of not trying.

I believe in the student life one should also learn from each other. Besides just making fun of others failure in gossips, one should talk casually and try to know the lesson what he or she learnt from their mistake. There is nothing junior or senior among students, everyone is young in their student life, as I said age is only a number. Some got exposed of what you are totally have no idea of. It’s called social learning.

And all of this exposure and experience not only give impact beneficiary on an individual but also for the organisation, the company and hence the overall development of the nation.