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A Complete Guide to take transfer in MBBS Internship

Taking transfer in internship of MBBS may very confusing and difficult for passed out medical student. I have concluded the easiest steps to get internship abroad of your college. For which I wasted so much of time as nobody was to help me in this guidance. So I thought why should I not write an article to help my fellow juniors to get transfer under 10 days.

Note: Always remember wherever someone require documents it should be good photo copy and not the original one, they may ask to see the original but it should be returned to you.

Step 1: Get to know where you want to take transfer, for this it is very important to verify that the college or hospital where you’re taking transfer is permitted by Medical Council of India (MCI). You can go through their website and see this list LINK:

Step 2: From your college first work you need to do is to get your provisional registration as soon as you get your passing certificate from your college. It depends on state to state to verify and finalize the provisional registration, in my state (MP) was online, while in UP it is to be written and done in physical form.

Step 3: Go to your state Directorate of Medical Education (DME) office and write an application, which is to be submitted in the counter and its photocopy that will be stamped to show your proof you giving with date. In this application you need to request an Non Objection Certificate (NOC) from DME regarding from X college to Y college and the date of joining. Attaching your passing certificate and provisional registration.

Step 4: After few days you will get letters from DME to respected:
There are two cases you want to change your internship in the same state (case A) or in some other state (case B).
You will be provided with request letters to provide NOC from:
a) MCI, New Delhi (only in case B)
b) Parent college
c) Parent university
d) College/Hospital where you want transfer

Step 5: College and University NOC
It depends on college to college, some give this NOC easily, other will charge you some fees for leaving your college. It is essential to see your bond while you joined your medical college.
For college NOC you have to give application with attached photocopy documents required by the officer. It will be signed by the Dean of the college and then provided to you in physical form as provisional NOC of college.
Again this has to be forwarded to your university with same application and copies work by you as soon as you get NOC from college.

Step 6: MCI NOC (For case B only)
Since you’re applying transfer to other state it is necessary to get permission from MCI, Dwarka, New Delhi. They need the following documents:
a) Request letter with communication address
b) Copy of NOC from parent college (Annexure 1)
c) Copy of NOC from parent university (Annexure 2)
d) Copy of MCI permitted transferee college/hospital (Annexure 3)
e) Copy of provisional registration of your state
f) Copy of your passport (only in case of applying internship abroad)
g) A demand draft of Rs. 1000/- in favour of Secretary, Medical Council of India payable at New Delhi (any nationalized bank).

Step 6: Transferee College/Hospital NOC
Here the game begins of the other side. Like I am telling you for the case B as they will ask you to get formalities as per the rule of their states.
Like in the case state UP where I took transfer, the hospital wrote a letter to DME to allow us to give admission from other state.
When you give an application with attached notary and other photo copy documents, including NOCs and passing certificate. They will provide you two letters with different mentioning. One for Department of Medical Health (DMH) of State and other to keep for yourself and that it will be used later.

Step 6: DMH NOC Letter
After getting letter from DME to request to DMH. You need to write an application again to DMH just like DME. They also need documents photo copy of NOCs similar to DME. They will provide you 3 letters.
One is supposed to give at State Medical Council for the provisional registration.
Second to the transferee college or hospital.
Third to be given to you for yourself.

Step 7: State Medical Council Registration
After all these work, it is must to get a provisional registration done to the state where you’re doing for. You need to download the form from the state council website and then submit to their office in the capital city.
In case of interstate it may take a lot of days as the verification takes to much time to get from other state. So it is advised to go or send someone at parent state medical council for quick verification.
Here again photo copy of documents required:
a) Provisional Registration copy of Parent medical college state.
b) Hometown CMO Registration Attested
c) Original letter of DME (mentioned in Step 5)
d) Original letter of DMH (mentioned in Step 6)
e) All MBBS prof marksheets
f) Highschool marksheet
g) Your Adhar Card

When you give all these attested with your form, they will ask you to pay fees (Rs. 1000 in state of UP) and provide you a receipt and on site letter that is required to give at tranferee medical college or hospital for taking complete admission.
On other side you need to apply an NOC/verification of documents in parent council to be sent on transferee state council. It may take 15 days or more.
In MP state it takes NOC to apply online and need 3 documents:
a) Provisional Registration
b) Copy of Internship Transfer Order
c) Completion of Rural Bond Certificate or a certificate of non bonded candidate

Step 8: Joining of Transferee College/Hospital
After all this work you will go to your office of transferee medical college or hospital from where you get request letter for DME in the step 6.
You need to give a joining request letter attached with letter of DME, DMH and state council permission letter.
They will finally give you joining to their hospital departments and you can officially continue your internship there.

Thanks for reading. Please read and share to everyone who is interested to take transfer from their medical college to do internship. 


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