The Exposure & Experience

Exposure and experience is all, what it counts in the life of a person.
It’s not just your skills, knowledge and intelligence that makes a successful person in career. It’s actually just 10%. Many of them realise in their student or college life, some of them get to know at their intern phase.

It is very important one should apply what they have gained from their books to the reality, many people are just have born skill, some develop by hard working and determination. It’s all about practicality and how you manage that matters.

Without the exposure of career no one will ever know what field he or she should spend their life own. It constitutes 20% in life. Like in our India specially in small towns, students are very less exposed to the world they see, they choose career what their family opt for.
Whereas in metros people are very open to choose their career as they have good exposure and counselling facilities. There are various career opportunities for a students who are not aware of might be waiting for. It can be specific to their inside field as well.
And it’s not stereotypical, I am just telling in general.

There are various techniques and procedures, the style of doing a job that evolve time to time as per the circumstances and the demand. Make it much more productive and fruitful for both the parties. It usually take much more time to get or adopt such trends where people are not exposed or not willing to adopt because of norms.

If we talk about experience, that is rest 70% of being an awesome. It all takes time and continuity to get, there is nothing else that can you mature other than time and it is directly proportional to the exposure one gain in the life. Here age remains just the man made number.
Experience is the best teacher, one should learning lesson from it. For this one should keep their ego aside in the chest and throw away in the deep ocean. Never be afraid of failure, always be afraid of not trying.

I believe in the student life one should also learn from each other. Besides just making fun of others failure in gossips, one should talk casually and try to know the lesson what he or she learnt from their mistake. There is nothing junior or senior among students, everyone is young in their student life, as I said age is only a number. Some got exposed of what you are totally have no idea of. It’s called social learning.

And all of this exposure and experience not only give impact beneficiary on an individual but also for the organisation, the company and hence the overall development of the nation.



In this world there are all types of people with unique personalities. In our childhood to adulthood, different people have different views about relationship they develop. It may be of short terms, long terms, polygamous, strict monogamous, different sexual orientation, and lots more. In our India it’s more a fad in our young generation to be in a relationship. Just like it’s must to use instagram and snapchat apps in your smartphone for peer pressure and social status.

See there is a thing called individuality, every person has special USP until people try to make them like one. It’s specially seen in friends circles and peers where most of the decision even of life is made by the group. Want to go some new pub?, yes cool! Want a joint, yes! My best friend made a boyfriend/girlfriend, so cool! I also want someone to be with me, otherwise I will be forever alone, dork, nerdy or what else to get hashtagged on. A young mind is full of insecurities and excitement to be cool and popular among pals.

Beyond all the majority of people, there are some people live different life, they have different views and ideas in life. Some are career oriented, don’t have priorities, some are orthodox and traditional-family oriented, some just are asexual like that, some have extreme social anxiety and confidence to ask someone on date, and some don’t even believe in the meaning of romantic relationship like Sherlock. But that’s cool also! People need to understand such tribe, their personal decision and preference even as their close friend or relatives.

There are people who just blessed with so cheerful happening life that don’t feel alone at all. They can’t see they are incomplete without someone. Call them narcissist, insult them with you’re no man enough, gay/lesbo, weirdo but this is how they are in their comfort zone. A life where satisfaction without doubts are more valuable than pleasing others, trying to show so called happiness on facebook PDA pics.

A single person can love himself/herself for no reason. Some people love independence and managing everything by their own pretty well, even better than people in couples living on the same roof. They can be far less dependable on others, thanks to so many options now available. Solo tripping pleasure, a bundle to books to read with a hot cup of coffee or have good time with true friends who are close to our life.

Around 3 years of years ago some guy asked on quora Is it really important to have a girlfriend in life? I replied “Stop looking for others, especially women, to make you happy – you don’t need them. Men all over the world waste time trying to find happiness in everything except themselves. When you’re happy on your own, others will naturally want to be around you.”

I love this quote from the movie Dear Zindagi where Alia’s character ask the meaning of perfect relationship with Shahrukh’s, where he answers: “Why one special relationship? Life has different feelings and emotions like in different tastes of sharing sam’e music, gossip, intellectual etc. It’s impossible to put all the load on a single relationship.

Perfection is Boring

A man would do nothing if he waited until he could do it so well that no one could find fault. ~ John Henry Newman

There is nothing called perfection for humans. Those humans who keep on learning from the day they come out from womb and till the day they die. Yes! even death is something new for their experience. They keep learning everything, they find new ways of failing. Isn’t it?

Humans are the most weird organism. They are just afraid of showing their worries and sadness. There is always this need to make a face or strike a pose. It is all so superficial. They are not comfortable for something but they pretend like everything is fine for no reason. May be they just don’t want to disclose their self insecurities or don’t want to share to make them feel bad. It’s just perspective. This is how they try to frame so called their perfect biopic.

They are like feeling so unhappy but surrounded by everything they really need. They don’t understand life is like a game of puzzle where you need to frame everything by your own imaginary picture. People are like pieces. There are zillion of possibilities. You just see them everyday, over and over again. You can make picture of luminescence of joy, where the pursuit of happiness ends with the end of rainbow. Everything is right behind them but they just can’t figure it out.

They are like feeling so alone but living in a big apartment full of people whom they never talk. Want to say something to someone but can not say for no reasons. They all need someone for their help and support. They are meant to be like can do everything alone but still it’s not practical for anyone. You need some delivery boy to bring your pizza when you’re tired from all your monotonous work and don’t want to cook anything in the kitchen.

They are just programmed to be a something called perfection. Life by many means is very simple smooth road without any destination but milestones that we mark for ourselves. But a smooth road is always boring to drive. They need thrills to make us feel we are alive. They need pot holes on our way. This is how they all get damaged. This is so blaspheme.

For a woman her beauty is what everyone defines. No matter what skills she have but without her beauty she is defined to be as incomplete personality. But still she is just a human. Her face, her skin is not immortal like her beautiful soul. She keep changes from her body every tick-tock. Cells are dividing, regenerating, mitosis-meiosis is happening. She is not in the same body as she was in 7 years before.

Her mirror sings:
Now I am a lake. A woman bends over me,
Searching my reaches for what she really is.
Then she turns to those liars, the candles or the moon.
I see her back, and reflect it faithfully.
She rewards me with tears and an agitation of hands.

Her man sings:
Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering.
There is a crack in everything,
That’s how the light gets in.

For him her so called flaws are just the way he loves her everyday for no reason. Because out of all the flaws he is stumbled on, it’s the hardest one to focus on. This is how life goes by. There should be no fear. It’s the rule of nature.
It’s always a point of view and here everything little thing is subjective. It’s simply want you want to see. It can be accidental or absolutely irrelevant for someone. There are always some messages to be ignored. It’s all about the prospective. They take it for fun, ignore it or take it so seriously.


Cans of Soda

I always have been a small town, upper middle class boy who lived obedienty most of the time in my life. Though I’m a mild yet aggressive young adult now. I am raised with good moral values throughout my childhood. So, I don’t understand why people are so much fretful and disobedient with all their bad habits. Like now I am talking about my summers vacations. I was in National Capital Reserve (NCR) for two weeks, staying at my cousin’s place Noida Sector 61. I applied for summer vocational courses in New Delhi to full-fill my passion for cooking and baking.


Initially I joined International Institute of Culinary Arts. It is located in Hauz Khas Village. So, for that I travel from Noida City Centre Metro Station, that was 4km away from Sector 61. It all started from the behavior of Autowale bhaiya. On the first day I took an auto, and the weird thing about Noida autorickshaw is that they don’t run on metre, demands independently. He asked me 50 bucks for that and after a cool bargaining I asked for 40 and  he let me in. After reaching to noida city centre I gave him 50 rupees note and expect for the 10 rupees change. Just for that he started to abuse and humiliate me badly in the morning and how could I remain silent I also defended myself and somehow got my 10 rupees back. I mean how can be he behave so mean about it, if he agreed for 40 before I get in. No one behaves like that in other small towns where I lived. Later I got to know that fare of 40 rupees was proper, for the next these days because they calculate 10 bucks per kilometre.


Next was entering to metro station. Before telling you fulls story all I want to tell you that I never been traveled in metro railway before as most of the time I come New Delhi for 2-3 days and usually travel in car with my chauffeur. So the first thing I noticed is people. People, people, people.. everywhere people. Everyone in rush I never seen that much rush in my life. When people were using a lift to go upper floor of metro train, they must have to make certainty, a weight limit. It was clearly written that this lift is preference for seniors citizen and handicapped. When I got enter some more young adults like me entered after me and an old man remain left outside. Lift started to show weight limit exceeded and none of a single brat moved from his place like everyone is prince of their own kingdom. So I moved on, let that poor old man in and choose old fashioned stairs to move up.


I entered into the metro station. I was quite thirsty so I purchased a can of soda. Later to catch up my blue line train. I moved to ticket window and got a card with a balance of 80 by paying 100 (20 was security deposit). I was observing the crowd outside station as I said but never expected that mother of crowd in the waiting of blue line metro train. There were separate cabins for women as per women empowerment program by government and it was normally crowded and having comfortable sitting arrangement for them. Moving ahead to general cabins. All the heavy crazy crowd entered there just like when I was a child, I use to play musical chairs on friends’ birthday parties. All the working class men sit in their seats and weak seniors and other ladies remained standing like me, a newbie. Nobody cares about other. They all  just plug their earphones in smartphones and play some stupid arcade video game like Candy Crush, FarmVille, Poker and many more. They’re all so mean and selfish and started to look me like these cans of soda, they all identical about their attitude and behavior. Like they never read about the lessons of morality and the values of karma.

I also observed so many of these youngsters who sit on their seats at the time when train is almost empty and do not stand up  when they see any women or seniors who entered in next stations, looking for a seat. The most awkward thing was when they sit on reserved seats for women and senior citizens. Like how can they see them standing in the train. They’re all more like our family members. I am sure if they are their real aunts or uncles. They definitely stand and offer seat but just because they’re strangers, they’re so much ignorant.

When I use to return in the evening. The crowd gets even more, situation gets worse or say worst. Everyone just want to return in their home. So damn tired, smelly, and miserable. I never seen women stuck in such a way. Keep standing in between dense crowd of metro train. The crowd where you don’t have any space to put your feet a foot more. I have so much pity for them. It was more like an apocalyptic situation whoever enters in the train will survive and rest all going to die. In such condition pickpocketers and molesters always take advantage. Once in news I read 90% of pickpocketers and thieve are women travelling in metro trains. They just enter with a child acts like a normal Indian lady who is just going to some place. Eve teasers, molesters, harassers can be easily seen in these trains. They keep on starring at some innocent lady very viciously like they never ever seen any woman in life or they will just eat them, very disgusting scenario. Thanks to the government for these women reserved cabins, but sometimes some men just get enter from next general cabin by saying he is with her.

I mused, looked at the eyes of them and concluded why they are so mean to others.

When a child is born, he is an angel
More the life he lives more complicated he becomes
He is still the same boy who learnt to help others in school
He is so damn much tired of living same monotonous life
Like following to same path, each and every day on his long route
He finds some short cut to reach faster and for this
To get rid of the chains he is wrapped him in
And yes he has hunger of love that made him so

I personally believe good things happen to you if you do good things to other. This create good karma, a inner happiness, no guilt, no regret and love. There are three major things that can ruin even a good person: Greed, Selfishness and Overindulgence. All the evil things brought up from these three qualities, if a person can keep control on these three he can sustain his great personality. Lies, stealing, breaking hearts, revenge, humiliation, assaults, addiction and many more are obtained by these evils.


There were four kinda flavor of cans (people) I noticed in these two weeks. 🙂

  • First are normal daily working class people who pick up and go to their office or place of work. They are veteran seat takers. Don’t much talk to others. Keeps a brief case/laptop bag and dark mustache. They have special power of sleeping when they take seats and get up exactly when their station comes. More like Thumbs Up.
  • Second are young adults who travel to reach school and college with flashy T-shirts and Jeans. They remain lost in the world of music, love or both. They don’t mind to become John Lennon & Yoko Ono and start making love in public. Usually seen with their girlfriend/boyfriend and smirk in their faces. 😉 They are Sprite.
  • Third are newbies are like who are new in metro and don’t have much idea about the stations and route. (Thanks to my smartphone metro station app which helped me a lot in such situations) They usually targets the veteran seat takers so that can release frustration of not getting their seat. More like Cuba drink.
  • Forth are typical dilli/punjabi women, the jibber jabbing. Holy mother of GuruNanakji! you can not see them  to stop for couple of seconds. They usually travels with others to talk with. They will talk about anything and LOUD so that you can listen every detail of their sad life. They are more like Fanta.