Poems & Cheese


Hope! It’s only hope that makes you flow,
The flow which ends in waterfall of a fountain. 

Hope! It’s only hope that makes you climb a mountain,
Somebody that you hope to be truly yours.

I hope someday you realise with your real eyes that
Somebody truly really cares about of you. But..

Nothing can be felt, nothing can be achieved,
Nothing to be needed, nothing to be known!!

But again it’s a broken trust and and it never run on hope ever again.
So nothing really matters. It’s over!

Can’t believe you’re the one like everyone else,
Your mask is not working anymore, not anymore and won’t ever.

Days turn into sand you can’t hold it anymore, times is passing by,
Clock is not ticking anymore but the calendar is getting changed, But..

Nothing can be felt, nothing can be achieved,
Nothing to be needed, nothing to be known!!

My heart is wasted and time has been arrested.
How could be so be so unfaithful to me?
You could have hated me but you did even worse!
It’s not a pain, it’s uncontrollable gloom of my dream

Splash of the blood in my eyes, and a view of you laying on the floor dead.
And now it doesn’t really matter. I stopped giving a fuck! like you, ‘Cause..
Nothing can be felt, nothing can be achieved,
Nothing to be needed, nothing to be known!!


Life is about to get started

Life is about to get started, Life is about to get started
It is just to be started in just few moment
Once again I coming out of the womb
The life is going to slap me again in my arse

Finally I am getting out of here
They cut all my past connections
Where the Earth I am going?
Bright Sun light blowing my dark hideous screams

Love me again for a bat of an eye
All that phony pleasures that you can flow
Give me some toys and clothes to see my giggles
Do whatever that can make me safe and calm

Life doesn’t happens for me, it happens to me
With only have two choices astronaut or scientist
Whatever big that your can imagine, force me
with smiles, for all that joys or sorrows saith

I will crave, I will cry, make you do anything
To full fill all my god damn desires
Fill my eyes with dreams again and put blinkers
Make me learn to eat but don’t teach me how to live

It all looks good because I am new with shine
Joy nor sorrow knows not from each other
Some says I am black, some says I am white
But does it really matter anyhow to anyone?

Send me school, send me classes, send me college
Send me anywhere that assure things others do
Be slave of each other for few coins that defines success
I will run again till wherever my path make me go

Doubts, Worry, Fear and Sadness makes everyone feel alive
Where goes the happiness? Remains inside likes and comments
Or a swipe right and go for plastic dinner again?
Life is about to get started, Life is about to get started!


When I was a human

When I was a human
My life was sweet like a cheese cake
Where I could fit anywhere like a tetris block
‘Cause there was no difference
The difference between truth and red

When I was stable , was warm, was forever
Flower and ropes were lying on the floor
Keys were around my hand but
But I don’t know how to twist and open
I kept it on my left side of my jacket

When I was a human
I learnt to live, I learn to laugh for no reason
I hugged myself with love and pain
There was no ink in my pen
But still I wrote an epic with it
‘Cause I was not aware of my questions

When I was able to catch the butterfly
I was walking with my closed eyes
I thought I can catch an unicorn
Later I come to Earth I realised from my black eyes
I am not like young hare of some green garden

When I was a human
I was trapped under the ice
There was no way to move somewhere
But still I could see other world around
It looked transparent, but it was dark like coal

When I take oxygen to live
I lost myself for no fuckin’ reason
I climbed the mountain for fresh air
‘Cause I am not that much smart
I trapped myself like into a pop song

When I was a human
It was very difficult to breath every fuckin’ time
I ruined myself for myself for the freedom
Then I found myself land in an island
Where I was lost and I’ve got no friends
Just the rocks, sand and the palms

When there was no progress
The sun was still yellow, moon was still black
I realised I was not at alive
Forget being alive I was not even born
So I cling that rope and keys
Death laughed and gave me all the answers



I run, I walk but I’ll never stop

When I was young, I feel broken when I lost my new books, my pencil box
Then I realise from my real eyes there is something that always rocks
I walk every second, ever minute I live since I know myself, they shocks
I run here and there I feel to get lost, all I want to be stolen..
Stolen by someone who can run like my way
Call me crazy but I always want to be crippled for fun, fun, fun
‘Cause I ain’t like all others, I am made just to run, run, run.

Whenever I see her either I stop running or walk here and there
Where is my inner peace somebody find my fuckin’ legacy
No one can stops me as I always wanted to get lost
And this is how I be myself, all others call me crazy
I want to just lost, lost in those strawberry fields where I saw her first.

Brainy is my boss and so called brother who act like he understands me
Like a beautiful peachy dusk who knows nothing else in the world
He gives me salary on time and this is how I live, I just run
I just run above all that I forgot my how do I look since I born.

All my colleagues told me to get rest and stay at my cabin
They think everything would be fine as it is my fuckin’ job
But I wish to be myself and do whatever to get me lost
Then suddenly I lost my father who always woke me up
I run harder and harder. I learnt, I grew and move on to a pink world.

She tells me I am, I am like beautiful like a new dime
So I move there I went to the thin slot where I see somebody that mime
I never ever imagined that I can ever hear such delightful beats
A beat that exactly sound like me, now here I get my rejoice
May be she is all mine, I am all hers, or may be both.

But brother thinks I am going to straight prison for leaving my job
All except she enthrall me, that I will never be that free snob
Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana
Not ever chaste, except she vanishes me out to crop
Now I want to weep but I no longer have any tears to drop.

Will I beat and sound same like I use use to with that rhythm?
I want to break free and sync like that but I can’t feel I am doing wrong
Other broke my spirit that I use to be but I know myself like no one.
I am so hollow, so hollow but walking for new way
I run, I walk but I’ll never stop.


Lit me, ’cause I need to burn again

Lit me, ’cause I need to burn again
I sucked and this is how my world ignite
I wanted to be get it there, I fuckin’ tried
I tried the makeup, I tried the work out
But it doesn’t fuckin’ move at all
Because mask is of plastic
It doesn’t matters at all..

Wish I can tell you about you my old purple days
I was better than love, that nobody fuckin’ wants to change
My life could be like a comic superhero
As the rain comes, I can not glow my rainbow
Rain comes again, I can not glow..
Whenever I lit and burn I can not glow
Don’t know at all why did I?
All I know it’s a burning thing that makes fire and rain

So now I am a fuckin’ fire
I can burn anything new I want to
But nobody get inside me
I am a pure red fire, everybody fears with me
Now I think I am the only one, one and only
For all others who have glowed the rainbow before
Are making me suspicious, calling me phony
It brings the best and worst at the same time

Again I blow again and again, the ashes drop out
And I craved for an other lit, an another burn
After lighting I can hear the cracking
They all screams, “How can you burn us down?”
But I am a freedom, no advertisement on my webpage
Now I don’t care I am in love or some other kinda pig shit

I know what would be the consequence
I know what would be the prophylaxis
So it doesn’t fuckin’ matters
For the same mistake again and again
I want an another lit, an another burn to feel..
That I am fuckin’ alive and not in some dream again

Lit me, ’cause I need to burn again
I sucked and this is how my world ignite
As soon it blow out again, I will throw and lit another again