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The trend of online shopping has boosted since a decade worldwide. Especially in this selfie generation of India between the age of 10-24. India’s youth population is currently highest young population of the world. From fancy boys to girls, everyone wants live at the speed of 4G to look fabulous and techy. They all want to live updated before their online status update. It is not only boon for lazy-ass peeps who don’t want to go to store for purchase but also for busybees who can make purchase as they all seek for online shopping through their smartphones anytime, anywhere.

Here are the 10 tips for better, faster and safer online shopping:

1.       Register in popular well known websites as they send to emails for any offers, deals and big discounts. It’s better to use their apps and open all the notifications.

2.       There is an app called buyhatke that allows you to make a wishlist of the product you want to purchase and let you compare with other online shops for the same product.

3.       For faster shopping share the products to couple of friends who really good knowledge about it. It saves a lot time in sorting out and comparing something.

4.       Always take a look on the return policy of the product because in case the product didn’t work out for you specially in clothes like undergarments and lingerie, in case if it doesn’t fit right size.

5.       Always look for the end of the season sale, annual sale, festival sale and brand discontinuation sale. As they provide a huge discount for you in comparison to retail showrooms.

6.       Sometimes waiting for the notification or email is not enough in big sale where the rush is so much. Many of the websites like jabong do their product listing on midnight. So drink dark coffee and take advantage of buying before anyone sort it out next day.

7.       It’s must to read reviews regarding to big purchase. They are shopping sites who provide ratings out of 5 stars and their reviews.

8.       For the latest fashion. it’s essential to read the news, magazines, fashion blogs for the tips and suggestion of the latest trends in the world.

9.       Nowadays the trend of purchasing groceries and household products in popular in online shopping as they provide at your doorsteps with big discounts that your local store can never think to sell.

10.   Keep purchases only from familiar websites, avoid using unknown. Try to keep a good password that can not be misused. Avoid shopping in public Wi-Fi. PC users should keep their anti-virus up to date. Also while making purchase check the https (green) on the left of the URL instead of http. As ‘s’ stands of secured site.


How to shop smart in a supermarket?

Alright! everyone goes to super market to purchase the products of all your daily needs. As this is the place where you can get all the stuffs under one roof. Almost everything from groceries, deli, dairy, stationary, electronics, clothes, or even toilet paper. But there are certain things that you should keep in mind to be a smart customer. Because shopping in supermarket can be very beneficial or a trap as well. The whole supermarket is the concept is to make you buy their products that you never needed by display and sale. Here is the list of 20 things you should know before you shop smartly and wisely.
1.) Always notice the sale products in ad voucher and showcase:
When you first enter the super market you should be know about the good deals and sales. If not first notice that in the sale showcase of the day or week. This will make you very specific about your savings.
2.) Make a list of things you want to buy:
There should be a list of products you actually need it. Many people forget the things they came for as it is a place that can distract anyone. It can make you purchase the things that you don’t really wanted and things you really need. Be fix with your budget and move your cart quickly.
3.) Always keep your carry bag:
They are gonna charge you few bucks for a carry bag depending on the size. So it is smarter if you always keep couple of big shopping bags in your car. It not only save environment but also additional unnecessary thing in your house.
4.) Beware of almost getting expired or best before products:
Many times we have seen that the products that has been placed in the sale are either defective, almost getting out of date in a month or so. So be smart and check the manufacturing date first before putting it in your cart in excitement.
5.) Fresh Products always are in the back of cabinet:
You will always notice that the more fresh products are in the back of the less fresh products. It is simply way of putting goods in the supermarkets. As they want to make you sell out the least fresh product first as it will be best before soon. So be smart and put the product from the back of the row.
6.) Overpriced Organic food products:
Their is a separate counter in a supermarket where you will find food grains, pulses, spices etc in a special packing of organic level. These products are supposed to be said unprocessed and healthy. But for this you need to pay much more, sometimes even twice the amount of normal packing. These organic products can be purchased from farms and small shops in much less price. So it would be better if you avoid and pay less there.
7.) Keep away from the promoters:
There are two types of assistance in the supermarket. First are normal assistant and other are just sales men also known as promoters. They just get target to sell the product of which they are getting paid of by making you fool about other better products with higher sell. So never be trapped in their lies.
8.)  Don’t be afraid to complain:
Many times we have seen that the assistants are not helping much. They might be flirting with other employees or having chit-chat funtime. If they are not able to help as your need. Never be hesitate to complaint against him to his manager. Even if the manager is not professional. Write an email to the company about the store.
9.) Alternative products of same type:
Many products of smaller companies. It might be worse in quality, some defect. It will never be as good as the original product. It will be definitely cheaper in price or even with buy one get one.  So move away from that.
10.) Don’t waste time in moving your trolley:
Many times it is seen people spend way more time than they should in supermarket. There are a lot of stuffs in attractive display for making you buy more. So it is better to avoid moving your trolley smoothly and walk fast with your specific made up list.
11.) Don’t pay more for goods that are cheaper in other stores:
Usually it is seen that the cookwares and glasswares are cheaper in their specific store with more variety. Nappies, padding and cosmetics in chemist shop. Light bulbs in electric shops have more warranty and lesser price. These supermarkets just keep it for those who are lazy enough to go other than one roof. Don’t buy unless or until it is in great sale.
12.) Electronics section can be a disappointment:
These big supermarkets only get the specific electronic goods that they buy in bulk. You will not get much variety of models to choose from like you do in electronic showroom shop. Even in sale if you not specific about the model or compared with other brands, don’t buy it.
13.) Pre cut veggies and fruits are trap:
 You might be an ravager cook. Takes time to cut vegetables and fruits, have no time as working person or just lazy enough to pay less for uncut food. These pre cut food is generally worse product of food. It has been cut so many stale or over ripen fruits and veg get also included in the packet. Because these stuff will never be sold if placed uncut and lose.
14.) Never buy fruits from the supermarket:
Remember that old 90s sitcom, Seinfeld show? That character Kramer said “Never buy fruits from the supermarket! The apples are mealy, the oranges are dry… I don’t know what’s going on with the papayas!”
Exactly these fruits might be worse than the local fruits shops. But if you are specific about apples. It might be better as in our hot summers in India. Apple should be stored strictly in refrigerator that is more possible in these supermarkets. But always check before you put in cart as it can be of months too.
15.) Avoid looking at the stuffs in the billing counter:
This the best place for customers to distract and make them put in their cart by supermarket. Chocolates, toffees, chewing gums, toys, or the snacks that are not selling. This is for kids who are getting bored and annoying their parents to put these stuffs more.
16.) Don’t hesitate to keep aside wrong products while billing:
Sometimes we put some products by mistake or some other customers think that this is their trolley and put products in it. Sometimes you realize that you already have alternative of it at your home. So always check that while billing and keep aside unwanted products.
17.) Always ask of parking ticket free offer:
At some certain amount of shopping many supermarkets offer you free parking ticket. So always ask the cashier about it during billing.
18.) Avoid cashier’s offer of some stupid card:
Many times in supermarket. The cashier asks for some useless smart card to purchase that will give you like 10 paisa per 1000 rupees you purchase. It is just a card to keep space in your wallet or purse. So simply avoid and move fast.
19.) Ask for free home delivery:
After some certain amount or you purchased a lot and it is difficult to carry by you alone. Ask for the home delivery option. Many supermarkets do it for free of cost. They will deliver at your home address all you have to do is keep a slip of that.
20.) Always check your bill:
It has been noticed that many times cashier do wrong billing as they put the same product twice or some wrong product code into your billing list. Many times it is of pricing of more amount and you buy smaller package. It could be computer generated mistake of price. So always check your bill as early as possible.



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