When I was a human

When I was a human
My life was sweet like a cheese cake
Where I could fit anywhere like a tetris block
‘Cause there was no difference
The difference between truth and red

When I was stable , was warm, was forever
Flower and ropes were lying on the floor
Keys were around my hand but
But I don’t know how to twist and open
I kept it on my left side of my jacket

When I was a human
I learnt to live, I learn to laugh for no reason
I hugged myself with love and pain
There was no ink in my pen
But still I wrote an epic with it
‘Cause I was not aware of my questions

When I was able to catch the butterfly
I was walking with my closed eyes
I thought I can catch an unicorn
Later I come to Earth I realised from my black eyes
I am not like young hare of some green garden

When I was a human
I was trapped under the ice
There was no way to move somewhere
But still I could see other world around
It looked transparent, but it was dark like coal

When I take oxygen to live
I lost myself for no fuckin’ reason
I climbed the mountain for fresh air
‘Cause I am not that much smart
I trapped myself like into a pop song

When I was a human
It was very difficult to breath every fuckin’ time
I ruined myself for myself for the freedom
Then I found myself land in an island
Where I was lost and I’ve got no friends
Just the rocks, sand and the palms

When there was no progress
The sun was still yellow, moon was still black
I realised I was not at alive
Forget being alive I was not even born
So I cling that rope and keys
Death laughed and gave me all the answers